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Needing a little more space to clear up your garage or yard? An outbuilding might just be your answer. No matter how big or small, we will build the outbuilding you desire. 


Living in Oregon, we understand in order to enjoy the outdoors, sometimes a roof is required. An awning is a perfect addition to cover your patio or hot tub. JCS Construction  is the perfect choice with years of experience adding awnings to homes. 


Trim is the frame to your canvas, your home. It is the added touch that gives a house a finish. Trim adds your personal touches. With years of experience and a quality craftsmanship, JCS will bring your personal touches into your home. 


Wanting to remodel your home? We are happy to help! We love taking your ideas and making them come to life! Not exactly sure what you are wanting? We are flexible and would love to help with the process!


Doors are an essential part of your everyday living. They can also be a focal pieces in a room. Installing doors with the highest attention to detail is our goal at JCS. You will love your doors and how perfectly they are installed and framed.


There is something about adding a deck to your home that brings a new level everyone enjoys. Sipping a cup of coffee looking at a beautiful view, having friends over for a barbeque or just relaxing with your kiddos, a deck adds so much. JCS will build the deck to catch all those great memories. 

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